What Is Pink Tax? How Is This Dreadful Thing Robbing Women All Over The World

There has been many videos circulating on social media explaining the concept of pink tax and how it has existed for ages. Suppose you have been living under a rock. In that case, the pink tax is basically the extra amount women are charged for certain products or services because they supposedly cater to women or claim to be catering to women.

One of the most ludicrous examples in the video was the exact same brand and size of female deodorant cost more than male deodorant (even though we probably need less).

So how bad can it be? Well, overall, women are paying more than men 42% of the time. More specifically:

  • 4% more for children’s clothing (So the pink tax starts from birth)
  • 7% more for toys and accessories
  • 8% more for adult clothing
  • 13% more for personal care products
  • 8% more for senior/home health care products

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Old Navy sold the plus-sized women’s jeans at R12-15 more than the standard-sized ones. But with no difference between the prices of men’s plus and regular-sized jeans. Let’s not even get started on “personal care products” that price tampons and pads as a luxury item… because women can’t wait to get their period, right?

Cosmopolitan SA published many articles debating that sanitary products should be classified as zero-rated essential items rather than luxury non-essentials and launched a petition lodged with Parliament and the Department of Women. Cosmopolitan SA hopes to get the government to seriously debate how period poverty can be ended before the end of 2018.

Nas Daily, Dear Alyne, and many others have uploaded videos explaining the concept, which completely exploded with thousands of people (not just women) commenting on the unfairness and inequality of the tax.

Check out the video and let us know what you think!

Simply for being a woman, you end up paying more. Isn’t it outrageous?