The Airtel 4G Girl, Sasha Chettri Has Become An Internet Sensation

Sasha Chettri, popularly known in social media as Airtel 4G girl has become a phenomenon in a short time span. The sassy girl with a very desirable cute look has been celebrated among the masses.

Airtel launched its new 4G advertisement on 6th August 2015 and it has proved to be an instant hit with the audience and all across social media. Different memes have been created mocking the incredible speed Airtel 4G has promised and illustrated the superpower of Sasha Chettri to do things in lighting speed.

The 19 years old short-haired girl Sasha Chettri is from Dehradun. At the age of 16, she moved to Mumbai for higher studies. Sasha completed her graduation in Xavier’s Institute of Communications (XIC) Mumbai, Sasha Chettri was a trainee copywriter.

After some time she realized that copy-writing was not her calling. Then she decided to learn music, composing and singing. She has a strong desire to become a model from her childhood days. Sasha Chettri sent her profile to many modeling agencies.

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