22 Rarest Tribes In The World You Should Know Before They Disappear

Photographer Jimmy Nelson traveled the world to document the cultures of indigenous tribes at risk of disappearing. It took him over four years to complete his project and the result is the brilliant book ‘Before They Pass Away.’

The book contains visually striking documentation that aims to ‘celebrate the beauty of these cultures and their traditional ways of life.’ Here are some of the photos of indigenous tribes he captured beautifully.

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1. Asaro, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

2. Kazakh, Mongolia

3. Huli, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

4. Kalam, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

5. Goroka, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

6. Chukchi, Russia

7. Maori, New Zealand

8. Gauchos, Argentina

9. Tsaatan, Mongolia

10. Samburu, Kenya

11. Rabari, India

12. Mursi, Ethiopia

13. Ladakhi, India

14. Vanuatu, Vanuatu Islands

15. Drokpa, India

16. Dassanech, Ethiopia

17. Karo, Ethiopia

18. Banna, Ethiopia

19. Dani, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

20. Maasai, Tanzania

21. Nenets, Russia

22. Himba, Namibia

The photographer Jimmy Nelson at work.

To learn more about Jimmy Nelson’s photo compilation, you can check out his book ‘Before They Pass Away’ which contains the complete collection of images from his journey.

Source: Jimmy Nelson