October 29, 2020

This Incredible Woman Traveled Across Every Country In The World

Some time back we ran a story about Cassandra De Pecol, a 27-year-old American woman who was undertaking to become a true international traveler by visiting all the countries in the world.

With great attainment, she just did! And very soon she is going to have her name inscribed in the Guinness Book of World Records for her amazing triumph. At this point, I am pretty sure you want to know more about her, so just scroll down.

Cassandra De Pecol has become the first woman ever to travel all 193 sovereign nation-states as recognized by the United Nations (plus Kosovo, Palestine, and Taiwan) in a record time of 18 months and 26 days. She named her unbelievable journey appropriately ‘Expedition 196.’

De Pecol started her expedition on 24 July 2015 and finished it on 2 February 2017.

Cassandra also became the fastest person to travel all the nations, breaking the record previously held by Yili Liu, who did it in 39 months and 6 days.

She spent an average of 2 to 5 days in every nation.

She funded her trip with sponsorship and her own savings which cost about $198,000.

1. Homely delicacies in the middle east

2. A sunkissed snowy day in Kazakhstan

3. Introspection in Syria. Yes, she went there too!

4. Kayaking in the beautiful Philippines

5. Soaking the sun in the beaches of Maldives

6. Namaste from Angkor Vat, Cambodia

7. Underwater fun in Palawan, The Philippines

8. Power pose in Oman

9. A snowy walk in the park in Russia

10. And when you are traveling the entire world, you get to pose with the pilots in the cockpit

After finishing her trip of a lifetime, Cassandra’s next stop is Antarctica. And we all wish ‘bon voyage’ to the lady.

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