12 Things Only A Non-Vegetarian Would Understand During Dashain And Tihar

As a non-vegetarian, it’s very hard to survive in Nepal because people around you are mostly vegetarian because they hate to eat another living being. But still, we can’t live without meat because Momos, Sekuwa, Masu Bhat, and the likes are very important for us to survive.

And this is a fact that nothing can stop us from eating meat because this is our addiction. It gets even tougher during the festivities of Dashain and Tihar. Let’s have a look at the things that only a non-vegetarian will get.

1. You are an animal yourself


“You are an animal because you are eating a living being. How could you be so cruel and heartless?” Hello? I love to eat meat and I will eat if you don’t like it, then don’t see it, simple as that.

2. It smells gross


“Don’t eat non-veg food with me because I hate the smell of it and it makes me feel nauseatic”  Well then, go and eat grass out there, but I will not stop eating the meat because I can’t live without it, dear friend.

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3. Do you like to eat all the animals?


“Hey is it okay for you to eat all kinds of animals? Like my cat is safe or not?” I like to eat brainless people too so you are not safe anymore buddy.

4. God will never forgive you


“God will never forgive you because you are eating the little innocent animals just for your taste sake” Really? God will punish me for eating food?

5. Animal Planet must be your favorite channel


“Animal planet must be your favorite channel because you love to eat animals and they love to eat animals too”. You should go to some other planet because the earth is not your place.

6. Vegetarian Food


*Order some vegetarian food* “Wow, you eat the veg food too, well that’s really something surprising”. Mmm, I am ordering mix meat with vegetables.

7. You are a murderer


“You are a murderer because first, you kill animals by yourself and then cook them for food” Who told you that we kill animals by ourselves? But you people kill the innocent plants too, right? How stupid!

8. Why you eat eggs?


“Why you prefer to put raw eggs in a cake? Don’t you think this is a very heartless act” I think I want to mix you in this cake as well and want to be more a heartless person alive?

9. Do you know anything about animal rights?


“You know anything about animal rights? If you do then why you eat them? Isn’t it illegal?” it’s illegal to tease someone continuously and one day I will eat you whole too.

10. Do they come in your dreams


“After eating them, do they come in your dreams too? Do they ever tell you how they felt after going into your tummy?” They came in my dream and told me not to see your face ever again.

11. Is there any blood your food?


“Is there any blood in your food and you ever felt its taste?” Gross how bad you are.

12. Every time you’re watching them alive, you feel hungry?


“Every time you watch them alive, you always start feeling hungry?” I am not a “Bhukkad” like you.  Whatever you say, we will always eat meat and we will always love to eat it. Cheers to all the Non-vegetarians in the world.