32 Indian Cities That Got Its Name Changed To Pre-British Originals

Time has changed almost everything with a modern lifestyle and a newer outlook. Even the names of states and cities have been changing in India with time. However, some oppose this change as names mean a lot, which carries sentiments and emotions.

Recently, Allahabad changed its name to Prayagraj. Is changing the names of cities really necessary? While some people even think changing the names restores its identity while others think it’s superficial.

And apparently, changing of cities’ name has happened several times in the past. Please have a look at these 28 cities that had their names changed in the past.

Allahabad to Prayagraj

allahabad prayagraj

Alleppey to Alappuzha

alleppey alappuzha

Bangalore to Bengaluru

bangalore bengaluru

Baroda to Vadodara

baroda vadodara

Belgaum to Belagavi

belgaum belagavi

Bellary to Ballari

bellary ballari

Benaras to Varanasi

benaras varanasi

Bombay to Mumbai

bombay mumbai

Calcutta to Kolkata

calcutta kolkata

Calicut to Kozhikode

calicut kozhikode

Cawnpore to Kanpur

cawnpore kanpur

Cochin to Kochi

cochin kochi

Craganore to Kodungallur

craganoren kodungallur

Gauhati to Guwahati

gauhati guwahati

Gurgaon to Gurugram

gurgaon gurugram

Hubli to Hubbali

hubli hubbali

Indur to Indore

indur indore

Jubbulpore to Jabalpur

jubbulpore jabalpur

Madras to Chennai

madras chennai

Mangalore to Mangaluru

mangalore mangaluru

Mysore to Mysuru

mysore mysuru

Ootacamund to Udhagamandalam

ootacamund udhagamandalam

Orissa to Odisha

orissa odisha

Panjim to Panaji

panjim panaji

Pondicherry to Puducherry

pondicherry puducherry

Poona to Pune

poona pune

Simla to Shimla

simla shimla

Tanjore to Thanjavur

tanjore thanjavur

Trichinopoly to Tiruchirapalli

trichinopoly tiruchirapalli

Trivandrum to Thiruvananthapuram

trivandum thiruvananthapuram

Tumkur to Tumakaru

tumkur tumakuru

Waltair to Visakhapatnam

waltair visakhapatnam

With the way India is going with name changes, we are most likely to see many more alterations in the coming days. Do you know of any cities that have impending name change?