20 Wackiest Clauses From The ‘Sheldon-Leonard’ Roommate Agreement

Whenever we discuss roommates, the first two names that pop in our minds are Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter’s minds from The Big Bang Theory. They share a vivid roommate relationship and are best buddies too. What is very unique about their relationship is the ‘Roommate Agreement’ on which their living rules are based upon.

From pets to coitus, everything is administered by a set of laws in the agreement. It is drafted by Sheldon Cooper and Leonard is asked to be one of the signatories along with Cooper. Here are some weird clauses from Sheldon’s Roommate Agreement which might give you chuckles!

Clause Skynet

Leonard must assist Sheldon in ending an artificial that is creates by Sheldon and is conquering the earth.

Clause Body Snatchers

Leonard must help Sheldon in stopping someone they know who has been substituted by an alien pod.

Clause Godzilla

Allegedly Leonard must help Sheldon in defeating the huge monster which has caused devastation in Tokyo.

Clause Super Hero

Leonardo must make Sheldon his subordinate if at all the latter obtains superpowers.

Clause Apartment Flag

The apartment flag has a lion of gold rampant and there’s azure in the background. According to the clause the flag must never be placed upside down until the apartment is in a crisis.

Clause Time Travel

Apparently if one of the roommates succeeds in inventing the time machine that could help them travel through time the first stop must aim precisely five seconds after roommate agreement has been signed.

Clause Robotics

This one is super weird and super funny. This clause says that if at all Sheldon ever turned into a robot Leonard must assist him in his ventures.

Clause Zombie

This clause asserts that if at all Sheldon ever turned into zombie Leonard can’t kill him.

Clause Bathroom

This clause clearly says that whenever Sheldon goes to bathe second, all measures must be taken to ensure that there is enough hot water supply for him.

Clause Food Corner

Whenever there’s a new takeout food restaurant advised, it calls for a public hearing as well as a sixty-day comment period.

Clause The Leonard Day

Once in a year, a day is dedicated to Leonard for all the contributions he has done to Sheldon’s life both real and surreal and this day is chosen to be called ‘ The Leonard day.’

Clause The Roommate Review

Once a year, Sheldon must get to evaluate Leonard’s usefulness as a roommate.

Clause Social Convention

Once a day Sheldon must ask Leonard how he’s doing.

Clause The Agreement

The roommate agreement just like the apartment flag can never touch the ground no matter what.

Clause Furnishing Committee

Any changes in the furnishing of the room must be first approved by the committee which is none other than Sheldon and every alternate year there’s a panel meeting.

Clause Coitus

Roommates shall give twelve hours of notice for the impending Coitus.

Clause Pets

Pets are banished as per roommate agreement until they are service animals like cybernetically helper monkeys or Seeing Eye dog.

Clause No Loud Noise

Making loud noises is completely unacceptable after 10 pm no matter what the scenario is.

Clause Mac Arthur

If one of the friends win a Mac Arthur grant he must name another of his friend in the speech without fail.

Clause Bill Gates

If one of the friends is invited to swim in Bill gates’ place he must take him another friend too.

Though these agreements are utterly ridiculous you just can’t stop laughing your heart out at Sheldon’s creativity. Can you?