11 Destinations Within India That Gives You ‘Foreign-Like’ Travel Experience

What you get in mind when it comes to travel in a foreign country? Budget, time, or companion. There are many things that we have to think about when it’s about going abroad. And, of course, not all people are so privileged to go elsewhere on a whim.

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But, don’t lose hope people as some travel destinations in India are similar to foreign places. No doubt! They are not just beautiful but pocket-friendly as well. Check out these 11 travel destinations that you can visit right here in India and relish like you are at a foreign location:


By seeing the architecture, you can get a feel of roaming around in colonial times of Portuguese and Dutch people. And, interestingly seamless transition of Tamil to French villas. Simply beautiful!


With lower house and upper house systems, the similarity of Malana goes more to Greece. And, a lot of people believe that they are descendants of Alexander’s army. Strange isn’t it?


Lush grasslands, rivers, and meadows, there’s no other place captivating as Shillong and better compared to Scotland.


Once you reach this small town in Himachal Pradesh, it’s hard to identify whether you are in India or any foreign place because of a vast number of the Israeli population, Hebrew signs, and Hummus in food items.


Waterways as a principal means of transport between homes and people, this gives an experience of Venice within the Indian travel location.


Well, Goa is popular for discos, parties, and vacations but somewhere it has the soul of 60s and vibe in the location of its certain parts attract hippies a lot.


Beautiful and enticing, Kashmir’s snow-capped mountains, stunning native locales, and greenery pop up Switzerland in a nutshell.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

With best scuba diving and water sports, Andaman & Nicobar Islands are tinted in the shades of blue and green, which reveals glimpse same as of Thailand.

Western Ghats

How about experiencing huge forest land filled with mysterious wildlife and dense flora? Well, that’s how the Western Ghats are with a solid touch of Amazon in India.

Flower Valley, Uttarakhand

This place is pretty amazing! Extended flower lands with the scenic beauty, Uttarakhand valley of flowers is more of like Antelope Valley in California.

Thar Desert

Why waste your water on Sahara, when you can travel in Rajasthan’s Thar desert? India’s very own land with scorpions, sand dunes, snakes, and starry nights.