Countries That Are More Unsafe For Women Than Saudi Arabia With Higher Rape Cases

According to the dictionary, rape is ‘Unlawful sexual activity carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against the will or consent.’ The legal definition change from one county to another but the base remains the same. Quite sadly and shamefully, we hear the news of rape from different parts of the world during the daily course of life. Here are ten countries that have the highest rape crime.

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United States of America

We are sure, you weren’t expecting this name on the list but harshly this country also sees many cases of rape. 91% of the rape victims are female and 9% are male. One the other hand the number of male rapists is 99%. Also, many of the rape cases happen at home and are often not reported.

United Kingdom

This is one of the most developed countries in the world, people from across the globe desires to stay in a country like the UK. However, every year about 85,000 is raped in the country. Besides, in a year, 400,000 cases of sexual assault are reported. One in five women is raped or sexually assaulted in this country.


There is an estimation that the death related to rape in Germany is 240,000. Every year about 6,507,394 people are raped and often killed. The country which is making immense technological advancement is really lacking in humanity when their Catholics are allowed to provide morning-after pills for the rape victims.


The number of rape is 75,000 years in this country. This is the number of 10% of the victims who actually files a case. Moreover, until 1980 it was not even considered as a crime. Its total reported sexual crime is 3,771,850.


This country has one of the highest rates of crime against women including sexual assault and rape. A UN survey reported that about 60% of women in this country is subjected to one or more form of sexual assault. The military of Ethiopia also commits rape against its citizens, regularly.


The total reported cases of rape in this country are 2,516,918. These are only six percent of the total rape cases. It is reported that over one in three women had experienced a sexual assault and that only 6% of sexual assaults were reported to the police. According to Justice Institute of British Columbia, one out of every 17 women is raped, 62% of rape victims were physically injured, 9% were beaten or disfigured.


Rape is one of the most common crimes in India. Most of the sex crimes and rape goes unreported and hence the number is much higher than the official report. Very sadly, most of the crimes are committed by members of family or relatives. The last estimate suggested that in India a rape happens every 22 minutes and this is excluding marital rape. Still, marital rape is not considered legal in India.

South Africa

It is such a country that is considered having one of the highest rates of rate among the entire world. In the year 2012, about 65,000 rapes along with other sexual assaults were reported. The number is higher as many of the cases are not reported. Since then, the number has increased rather than decreasing.


A report says that one out of every four women is a rape victim in this country. It also has the highest number of sexual offenses registered in a year. Instead of decrease, there is an increase in the number of rape cases. In the last ten years, the crimes related to sex have increased by over 58%.