17 Things Only Girls Who Went To St. Mary’s School Would Understand

School days were the finest, don’t you agree? You hated it while you were in school, but now secretly desire to relive those moments yet again.

I miss my friends, those benches, teachers, the tiffin boxes, the Christmas carols, the school bus, and most of all, the feeling of seeing my friends the next morning.

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And, studying at St. Mary’s was one of the prized memory for all those students. Now we have all grown up and have ventured into professional lives, but one thing that still remains close to our heart is being a Marian.

1. Regardless of your faith, you still pray like this!

st marys school prayer buzzativ

This comes naturally to you.

2. Visiting the school chapel was an outright must before any exam

st marys school chapel buzzativ

It became a ritual right before an exam.

3. You are hypersensitive to incorrect pronunciations and grammar

st marys school grammar buzzativ

You are notoriously known as the grammar-nazi among your non-Marian friends.

4. Exploring the buildings where sisters used to live was super thrilling

st marys school thrilled buzzativ

It was quite a treat.

5. You still have recollection and hum some of your school hymns and Christmas carols

st marys school carols buzzativ

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

6. You absolutely consider Cursive is the only form of handwriting

st marys school cursive buzzativ

You simply don’t know how to write in a non-cursive way.

7. One-Act Plays And Prayers Services Were Enough Reason To Bunk Classes

st marys school one act play buzzativ

Between the devil and the deep blue sea.

8. The de facto small ground for juniors and big ground for seniors

st marys school senior junior ground buzzativ

Getting on the senior ground was truly an achievement.

9. Asking ‘Paley dai’ to cross the narrow street between the gates of small and big grounds and him shouting ‘Nani Haru Bistarai’

st marys school crossing buzzativ

Nothing less than a movie scene.

10. The principal of your school wore skirts and gowns

st marys school principal gown buzzativ

You even tried to peep under Sister’s head-scarf to check out her hairstyle.

11. The wall between Mary’s and Xavier’s was no less than the Great Wall of China

st marys school st xaviers buzzativ

You may have heard stories of what’s on the other side of the wall.

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12. You often got confused when people asked you about your sister or mother

st marys school sister mother buzzativ

Are they asking about the class teacher or my own sister?

13. Moral science held a much higher place than actual science

st marys school moral science buzzativ

Natural sciences can wait, moral science is the most important lesson in life.

14. At some point in your school life, you fancied the idea of dressing like a nun

st marys school dressing nun buzzativ

You still haven’t fulfilled this desire of yours.

15. Nepali festival plus Catholic festival = Holiday galore

st marys school catholic holidays buzzativ

Good fri-yay!

16. You hear the word ‘Chyaaaaa-ahh’ all around the school premises

st marys school chyaa buzzativ

This habit still is alive with you.

17. And not to forget about gossiping around the ‘Forbidden Pond’

st marys school pond buzzativ

I am proud of my school for carving us into such beautiful diamonds and my friends for teaching me that they can make even the hardest times, the most memorable one. Regardless of the hard times, the fact remains that those were the best days of our lives!

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