8 Reasons Why Watching TV Has Become A Complete Waste Of Time These Days

Watching T.V. is a waste of time for numerous reasons and this is sad because T.V was the only entertainment apart from radio in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Later people got attached to the internet and not just that but yes T.V. got some flaws attached to it for a long time.

1. TV slows down our brain activity.

Don’t be a couch potato. Watching TV for a longer period of time makes our brain to function slower.

2. Taking risk and consciousness lowering shows like ‘Fear Factor’ and ‘Extreme Makeover’ for silly prize money.

Such shows have declined the authenticity of television shows. People have started to believe that most of the shows are scripted.

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3. Overdone content and repeat telecast sucks.

Too many channels and too little content. This is one of the most critical reasons why more and more people are getting away from TV shows.

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4. Lack of Quality shows.

The quality of shows has gone downhill compared to that of the 90s.

5. Over- Commercialization.

Everything on the TV is there for commercial purposes, let alone the advertisements.

6. A false sense of productivity.

You aren’t getting anything done while watching TV.

7. Not watching TV can save you money. False advertisements manipulate you and you end up buying unnecessary things.

Don’t fall for the adverts.

8. Your life is more important than the TV schedule.

Prioritize your daily routine, not the TV schedule.